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Irish Wedding Gift Ideas

Giving a traditional Irish wedding gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the union of two people, especially if the couple is of Irish descent. There is a range of different options that feature unique... (more...)

The Meaning Of The Irish Claddagh Ring

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of Irish culture is the simple and elegant Claddagh ring. The design itself, which features a heart topped with a crown held in two hands, dates back to the first part of... (more...)

A Brief History of Irish Dance

One of the best known cultural elements of the Irish is their love of dance and music. Combining the two has been a folk tradition for centuries and has resulted in an appreciation and interest in Irish... (more...)

Trendy Irish Clothing and Jewelry

Want to stand out from the crowd? We appreciate your desire for something new and novel. Touch of Ireland brings to you all the latest fashions in Irish Clothing and Irish Jewelry. Our talented and skilled... (more...)

Touch of Ireland- Our First Post!

The staff at Touch of Ireland is constantly working to bring you the latest and highest quality Irish products and gifts. Please visit us often to see what great new finds we’re adding. Read More

Irish Dance Music
Irish Dance Music

Enhance your IRish dance performance with the Irish Dance Music CD. We have a wide range of Irish music CDs like Irish dance world, it's about time, step in time volume 1 & 2, Mike Shaffer - Rytham & Root CD in affordable Price.

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Mike Shaffer - Rhythm & Roots CD
Recorded with Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson and featuring Jamie and Mark Shaffer and Mike Mellinger. ..
Step in Time - Volume 2
Irish Dance music by Kathleen & Dom Lavin. Reels (113):Billy in the Low Ground, Steeplech..