Mike Shaffer - Rhythm & Roots CD
Mike Shaffer - Rhythm & Roots CD
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Recorded with Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson and featuring Jamie and Mark Shaffer and Mike Mellinger.

For some, Irish dance is a competition; for others, a sport. For many, it is a means of passing on a tradition. Whatever your background, Irish dance provides a way to connect with your rhythm and roots, a way to create new tradtions and to pass them on.

Open Reels (113) • Open Slip Jigs (113) • Open Treble Jigs (73) • Open Hornpipes (113) • Beginner Reels (120) • Light Jigs (116) • Beginner Slip Jigs (118) • Single Jigs (125) • Traditional Hornpipes (148) • Traditional Treble Jigs (87) • High Cauled Cap (114) • St. Patrick's Day Ceili (115) • Humours of Bandon Ceili (116)

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