Dress Resale

A Touch of Ireland now has an Irish Dance Dress Resale Shop. We are so excited to provide an easier way for dancers to both sell their dress and come look at dresses for sale 7 days a week. Below is everything you need to know as a buyer or seller. But if you have any other questions, call us (708) 237-3473 or email us.

FAQ's for the Seller

How does it work? Print the contract and fill in your dress details. Bring the contract & dress to the store. Text us pictures of the dress (front & back) on the dancer for advertisement purposes. Pay a $25 hanging fee and we will keep the dress in the store and advertise it on our website and social media for 90 days.

How do I get paid? If someone wants to buy the dress, we will give them your contact information and the sale will be between you and the buyer. Once you have received payment, we will release your dress to the buyer. If your dress sells, A Touch of Ireland receives 10% of the original listing price.

Do I have to come back in to pay the 10% fee after the sale? When you fill out the contract, you will give a credit card number for us to keep on file or a check. After the sale, you will have 10 days to come in and pay the 10% fee in cash or we will run the card or cash the check.

Do I need to clean my dress before I sell it? Dresses that have been professionally cleaned sell faster, so we strongly suggest having your costume cleaned before bringing it in to be sold.

FAQ's for the Buyers

How do I see the dresses? You can see the dresses on our website, on our Facebook page, or come into the store. We are located at 6761 W. 95th Street Oak Lawn, Il 60453.

Do I need an appointment? Although walk-ins are welcome, having an appointment will guarantee that the fitting room will be available for you and we will work exclusively with you during your appointment.

What do I wear to try on dresses? We ask that you keep makeup to a minimum. In addition, please avoid perfumes and tanning solutions. Proper undergarments must be worn when trying on dresses. No food or drinks is permitted in the consignment area.

Are all of your dresses used and consigned? Yes. A Touch of Ireland only sells pre-owned dresses.

Can I return my dress and accessories? All sales are final. There are no refunds.

Will you store my dress? Yes, we will store your "paid in full" dress for 7 days. After 7 days, there will be a storage fee of $25 a week or we can make an arrangement of $75 a month.

Dress Resale Contract (Download)