Sterling Silver Medium Green Enamel Shamrock Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Medium Green Enamel Shamrock Stud Earrings
Brand: Solvar
Product Code: TOI3147
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Price: $39.50

These sterling silver shamrock earrings are filled with green enamel to help keep the emerald isle alive to the lucky wearer.

In ancient times, a tiny three leaf plant bloomed far and wide, and laid a a carpet of green of green all over the limestone hills of Ireland. The druids knew the shamrock had mystical powers. To them its three leaves were a naturual sign of a secret number. This little plant was even said to warn of an approaching storm by turning up its leaves.

According to legend, St.Patrick himself  plucked a Shamrock from the ground to explain his belief in the Trinity. They say this helped convert Irish people to Christianity. Many believe that wearing this little green sprig of green will help keep them from harm.

Over the centuries that have elapsed since then, the Shamrock has become the instantly recognizable emblem of the Emerald Isle, and you can enjoy the legend of the shamrock. Inspired by ancient Celtic traditions and expertly created in Ireland, these shamrock earrings reflect the country's rich cultural heritage.

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