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Irish Wedding Gift Ideas

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Irish Wedding Gift Ideas

Giving a traditional Irish wedding gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the union of two people, especially if the couple is of Irish descent. There is a range of different options that feature unique Irish items that are both traditional as well as modern in their style and design.

The following gifts are sure to be appreciated by the bride and groom and be treasured gifts for years to come.

Belleek Pottery

Belleek is a very traditional gift both inside and outside of Ireland. Actually a fine porcelain, Belleek is recognizable by its iridescent light white to just off-white surface and beautiful style and design. Many styles of Belleek include traditional Irish designs such as shamrocks and Irish wildflowers.

One unique option to consider is the Belleek Marriage Blessing Plate. This decorative plate features the beautiful Belleek style of plate surrounded by shamrocks and wildflowers with interwoven wedding bands. In addition a lovely Irish marriage blessing is inscribed on the plate.

Other options include Belleek figurines, mugs and lovely decorative centerpieces. Dinnerware gifts of Belleek are also a very popular option for the newlyweds.

Waterford Crystal

Waterford crystal, like Belleek, is synonymous with Ireland and Irish craftsmanship. This beautiful crystal comes in a range of different patterns and styles from the very traditional to the very modern. For a great wedding gift consider champagne flutes, wine glasses, vases and bowls as well as beautifully detailed picture frames and crystal candlestick holders.

Wedding gifts of Waterford crystal Celtic crosses, shamrocks and crystal bells combine Irish traditional wedding gifts with the beauty of dazzling crystal.

Claddagh Wall Hangings and Celtic Crosses

Wall hangings that feature the Claddagh hands, heart and crown symbol are a very traditionally Irish themed wedding gift. These hangings can be tapestry, bronze, pottery or a combination of materials. Celtic crosses as wall hangings are unique, beautiful and sure to be a centerpiece in the new home.

The designs and styles of Claddagh plaques and wall hangings and Celtic crosses can range from the very detailed and refined to the more rustic and traditional. This gives you a range of options to choose to match the décor and style of the couple.

Irish Blessing Plaques

There are several different Irish traditional blessings for newlyweds. These include well wishes to the couple as well as a spiritual message of hope and happiness for all eternity. These plaques are often designed using traditional symbols such as Celtic knots, shamrocks and Celtic crosses combined with beautiful calligraphy.

Plaques are usually made of bronze and are a beautiful wedding gift for any couple that will remind them of your blessings on their marriage for years to come.

Goblet Sets

For a very historic and traditional gift a set of matching pewter goblets and a bottle of traditional Irish mead is sure to be a unique option to consider. The goblets can be engraved with the couple’s names and wedding date or feature a variety of traditional Irish symbols in the design. Mead is available through specialty Irish import shops but, if you can’t find mead, a high quality wine would certainly be appreciated as well.